1. The State of Freelance Writing 2014: White Paper and Infographic:

    The State of Freelance Writing 2014, supported by survey data from 247  writers , looks at what lead us to this chaotic landscape, the truth about our current situation, and what we need to do to return order to this complicated, wild writers’ market.

  2. ahealthyhundredyears:

    Healthy life, healthy food

  3. Where Do Social Media Audiences Spend Their Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

    (Source: digitalinformationworld.com)

  4. Stress-Relieving Nutrients | NutriLiving

  5. Wearable Tech In Health (via Wearable Tech In Health - The ZocDoc Blog)

    Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular among consumers across the US. (Google Glass, anyone?) In this infographic, we’ve listed some wearable innovations that may change healthcare as we know it.

    See more at: http://blog.zocdoc.com/wearable-tech/#sthash.nluB1XnU.dpuf

  6. (via Which Americans have passports, and which Americans don’t? | Upgrade: Travel Better)

    30% of Americans have passports. But where do those Americans live?

  7. Color Emotion Guide!!!!

  8. The Definitive Guide to Homemade Hummus

  9. infographicjournal:

    Pros and Cons of Using Mobile Phones

  10. 50 Years 50 Toys Infographic - the most popular holiday toys from the past 50 years